Top Tips For Home Lockdown Pregnancy Photographs

Pregnant couple, dressed in white against a white backdrop facing each other

One of the saddest things for me, as a specialist pregnancy photographer during lockdown, is that I have been unable to capture those beautiful pregnancy moments for my booked in clients. Sadly pregnancy has a time limit and my clients that were expecting in January, February, March and early April have missed their professional pregnancy […]

Simple, Effective Tips For Getting Your Baby and Children To Sleep!

How To Get Babies And Children To Sleep? As a popular baby and child photographer in Nottingham, I see so many new parents and families, who come to me for their photography sessions. One subject that is sure to come up from new and often sleep deprived parents is: How do we get our babies […]

Family Photography And Our Furry Friends

Family Photography and Our Furry Friends! As an avid animal lover, ever since I started as a family photographer in Nottingham I have always encouraged my clients to include their pets in their sessions. We are so fortunate that in Nottinghamshire we have such stunning countryside right on our door step. Children and dogs together […]

COVID 19 and Your Photography Session

EDITED 4th August 2020 The Government have announced that photography studios may reopen with strict hygiene, PPE and cleaning protocols in place. Following specific safety training in COVID 19 I am pleased to say that both my outdoor contactless sessions and studio sessions have now recommenced, with additional safety measures. All of these safety measures […]

Wandering The World With A Mini Hurricane!

The months of cold, grey skies and biting winds… when the celebrations of the festive season are over and we are all suffering the financial and physical hangover of December’s excess. This is the time when we all yearn for some blue skies and freedom to do what we want… this is the time of […]

2019… What A Magical Year!

Award winning image of a young girl in ballet tutu holding a pair of ballet shoes over her shoulder

2019 really was a magical year for Fairy Nuff Photography as I made my dream into reality and opened my new, bespoke photography studio in Nottingham! I never dreamed as I sat on my sofa on maternity leave with a young baby in my arms that I would one day not only be running a […]

This one hurts…

This one really hurts, so bear with me. I never thought I would write something like this and literally bear my soul to the world wide web… but I recently booked a lovely couple in for a newborn photography session and she inspired me to create this blog in the hope that it could help […]

I Have Nothing To Wear!

How many times have I thought that! Going out for the evening, job interviews, meeting friends… it is also one of the questions I am asked by my clients very frequently, especially for outdoor photography sessions. So I thought I would create a little blog with my top tips for clothing choices for outdoor photography […]

Facebook Memories

So this morning I got up as usual; breakfast, school run and then back home to start work. I always begin with a little bit of social media admin, which usually involves checking my client messages on Facebook. Today got a little different at that point, as Facebook cheerfully reminded me I have memories on […]

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