Family Photography And Our Furry Friends

Family Photography and Our Furry Friends!

As an avid animal lover, ever since I started as a family photographer in Nottingham I have always encouraged my clients to include their pets in their sessions.

We are so fortunate that in Nottinghamshire we have such stunning countryside right on our door step. Children and dogs together in beautiful countryside is always a fabulous combination for parents to see and for me as a family photographer to capture!

Over the years I have photographed so many differing breeds and dog personalities. From gentle, elderly labradors to as fast as a speeding bullet jack russells. Beautiful border collies to cute as button schnauzers, whether they are calm, or hyper, fast or leisurely I have photographed them all as part of their family.

I assumed I would only photograph pets as part of my outdoor family photography sessions… until I got a call from a client who wanted a photography session for her 7 month old baby and his best friend.. a french bulldog called Reggie.

As a rule of thumb I photograph babies in my studio, where all aspects of baby’s safety and well being can be monitored and controlled by me and baby’s parents. So that would mean a studio session with a baby and a dog… I had never done that before. However, when I met Reggie and his human best friend Arlo I just knew everything would be fine.. and I was right. It still remains one of my favourite sessions!

Studio session of 7 month old baby and french bulldog

Photographing Reggie was such a wonderful experience that I couldn’t wait for my next challenge in dog photography… photographing a larger dog and an older child. My dream came true when a German Shepard called Duke, his human best friend Logan and his Mum came to my Mothers Day Mini Sessions. Despite being big enough to knock me flying Duke was without doubt the calmest, gentlest dog I have ever met and it was so clear how much he is loved by Logan and his Mum. We created a beautiful hand made multi aperture frame with colours to match Mum’s home decor from all the gorgeous images we took. 

Since Duke and Reggie I have gone on to photograph lots of other dogs and their families.  Each session is so much fun, everyone is so at ease and the dogs are without doubt the stars of the show!

Mum, Dad, kids and dog enjoying their outdoor photography session with Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham

For many people their pets are their family. They are their sanity, their companions and the reason to enjoy life. I never underestimate how important your pet is to you and how much they are part of your family.  That is why family photography is so important, it reminds us of all that is important to us in life.

So why not book a photoshoot and let me capture you, your people and your pets, whether that be in my studio or roaming around the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire countryside… pets are family too!

We can’t wait to see you all!

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