COVID 19 and Your Photography Session

EDITED 4th August 2020
The Government have announced that photography studios may reopen with strict hygiene, PPE and cleaning protocols in place.  Following specific safety training in COVID 19 I am pleased to say that both my outdoor contactless sessions and studio sessions have now recommenced, with additional safety measures.  All of these safety measures are discussed during our pre consultation, which is currently being held via Zoom.  
Below is a graphic that illustrates some of the new safety procedures in place for your well being.

I have so missed your smiles and cannot wait to welcome you all back for your photography sessions!  

Thank you, Deb.  x
COVID 19 safety measures in place at Fairy Nuff Photography's studio maternity, baby, family and business branding photography sessions.
EDITED 23rd March 2020
The Government have now announced an official lockdown.  I will therefore be closing  the studio for all photography sessions until the Government lifts lockdown measures and allows non essential businesses to re open.

Those clients who have sessions booked in with me - I will be in touch.

Clients who wish to book sessions - gift vouchers are available and are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

The advice is to stay in and stay safe.
EDITED 16 March 2020
Following the latest Government guidance on high risk groups I have decided it is in the best interest of my clients to postpone all maternity photography sessions.  I am also postponing all photography sessions involving persons over the age of 70 years.  This will take effect immediately and continue until further notice.

Yes we are in worrying times at the moment, as a parent and small business owner I am keenly aware of this and carefully monitor the information provided by the authorities. Firstly I want to say that I take the current health situation very seriously and will do everything I can to protect my clients, my family, my community and myself during this time. I understand that you may well be feeling confused and worried, but let me reassure you.

This situation will not stop the world from turning… the sun still rises and sets and wonderful things happen every moment of every day. Babies are being born, children are growing, families and communities are coming together to support each other. My bespoke studio is still open for sessions and gallery viewing appointments as usual. Now the weather is changing we are not always restricted to the studio environment Fairy Nuff Photography also offers wonderful outdoor sessions in our gorgeous countryside. These are perfect for families with children and dogs, as well as pregnancy and couples photography sessions. Spring is here and the flowers are blooming… why stay inside when there is so much to explore!

Get in touch/Book my session

Some sessions may be more suited to my bespoke studio environment. As a pregnancy, newborn, child and family photographer safety and hygiene has always been extremely important. Standard practice before and after each session is;

  1. hoover and steam clean my floors
  2. disinfect hard surfaces
  3. clean and disinfect soft furnishings and props
  4. wash outfits and materials used
  5. I use hand sanitisers and anti bacterial gels before and during the session as do my clients. Tissues, baby wipes, nappy bags and a bin are all available during the session.
  6. I wash my hands as per the guidance before each session and will not be shaking hands.
  7. shoes and coats are left at the front doors to keep the space as clean as possible

It is also important for clients to be honest and do their part in keeping us all safe. If you, your child or anyone coming to the photography session are feeling unwell please let me know as soon as possible. We can then decide the best course of action depending on the circumstances and current medical advice. Of course, if I or any of my family feel unwell then I will also contact you, as soon as possible and we can make any decisions regarding your session together.

Please remember I work with pregnant women, small babies and children and safety is always paramount. If a client appears unwell or exhibits any of the below symptoms, even mildly, I will terminate the session immediately for the safety of all involved.

Please DO NOT come to the studio if you have any symptoms of illness or the Covid 19 virus.  

Information on the Covid 19 virus and what to do if you have symptoms can be found here;

At present, if all parties are healthy and well our photography and gallery viewing sessions are going ahead as planned. This is an ever changing situation, one which affects us all. I will be following official Government guidance and policy at all times and will be in contact with clients as and when necessary.

However, lets not lose sight of the every day wonderfulness that happens all around us. Yes, we need to be vigilant and careful, mindful of the information and guidance given to us, but life continues. My job remains as it always has – to capture your moments in a relaxed, natural, beautiful way, but with safety always in mind.

family photography session with Fairy Nuff Photography, child and dog in a summer meadow
If you have any questions at all please feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to help.
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