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Your Business, your dream. Business branding photography your way.

You and your team are your business. We are visual creatures and your clients need to see you to trust you and your business. So let’s work together to show your clients your business story and create that trust in your business.


Whether it is portrait headshots for your website or a full story showing not just what you do, but who you are, who your clients are, where you work and how you work. Show off your brand and ethos and create inspiration to buy from you and not your competitor.

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Yoga teacher in a yoga pose against a white background at a business brand photography session with Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham


When I needed professional photos taken for my business I knew Fairy Nuff Photography would do a great job. Debbie gave great advice during a consultation to get the best out of our time together and the actual shoot was so much fun! She made me feel totally at ease so I was able to relax an express myself without feeling awkward at all. She is a true professional and very talented creative. Thank you Debbie!

Sophie - Sophie Bee Yoga



Business woman walking through a city centre looking relaxed and happy at a marketing photo shoot


– Three scheduled sessions over a year

– Up to 2-3 hours per session

– 10 professionally edited images per session (high res and social media/web optimised)

– Multiple locations and studio option

– Multiple outfit changes



Yoga teacher in prayer has over heart pose against a white background in a business branding photography session



– 10 professionally edited images (high res and social media/web optimised)

– studio or location 

– Multiple outfit changes



children's therapist on location photoshoot at a small business marketing photography session with Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham

– Pre session consultation


– 5 professionally edited images  (high res and social media/web optimised)

– studio or location



NLP coach, relaxed and smiling against a cream backdrop at a small business branding photography session with Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham


– 2 professionally edited headshots (high res and social media/web optimised)

– location headshots available for £129


YOUR business branding SHOOT

Working on a one to one basis I will help you create your story from wardrobe, location and creative ideas to maximise your brand.  Showcasing your business and stopping your clients from scrolling past you.  

Packages are available as are bespoke solutions for your exact requirements. Click below for a complimentary meeting and let’s talk about your business story!


Superb quality and just pure perfection.  Couldn’t be happier.  Such an accommodating and easy going person to work with, it has been an absolute pleasure.



You can book at any point you need to, I would be happy to discuss any scheduling requirements you may have for your business images.  I would advise booking your pre session consultation as soon as possible so I can ensure my availability on your chosen date.

Prior to your photography session we will have a full pre consultation, where I can find out all about you and your business, we can discuss ideas and tailor the session to your business and marketing needs.  Please note this doesn’t apply to the Perfectly Petite photography package, although I am happy to have a telephone conversation to establish details such as backdrop/location choice.

It may be useful for you to consider the following before our pre session consultation:

– What are your objectives for these images?

– How do you plan to use the photographs?  Website?  Social media campaign?  In house publication?

– What type of session would you like?  Studio?  Outdoor location?  Office?  

– Who is your ideal client?  What is your business vibe?  How can we appeal to them through images?

– What are your branding colours?

These are just a few of the things we discuss together during our consultation to ensure your photography session is focussed on your marketing message.

This is something we discuss in full during our pre consultation.  

– Your clothing choice should reflect your business vibe.  For example; if you are a yoga teacher you probably wouldn’t wear a business suit to the yoga studio, equally if you were in a profession where business attire is expected you wouldn’t wear a tracksuit. 

– Your clothing should be practical and appropriate to the location we are going to.  Especially if we are going to an outdoor location.

– You may wish to incorporate your business brand colours in your clothing choices. 

– Clothing choices should enhance you not compete with you.  Generally I would advise avoiding clashing colours and patterns (including herringbone and check patterns).

– Jewellery and accessories are great for injecting a little colour and personality.

This is something that we discuss during our pre consultation, as it can vary depending on your business and the location we go to.  The most common props that clients bring with them are:

– laptop.

– Notebook, business cards, business stationary.

– Coffee cups (particularly if they have business branding on them or business colours).

– Flowers, house plants, scene decor.

Business man in a suit arranging his tie against a black backdrop at a business headshot photography session


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