When Babies Are Too Old…

Let's get real about baby photoshoots!

I know… that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard too! However, I am increasingly seeing parents of young babies who have come to me, after being told their baby is too old for a baby photoshoot.

You know what I say to that? Not so! Bring your babies for their first photoshoot to Fairy Nuff Photography.  My cosy and comfortable private studio is especially designed for baby photoshoots!  

In fact I have had beautiful newborn type photography sessions for babies up to 16 weeks old! Queue shocked gasps from the newborn photographic community…

Dad and 16 week old baby Son held in his arms against a black backdrop - Baby Photoshoot at Fairy Nuff Photography Nottingham

In fact this little guy was 16 weeks in the above image!

Those early days and weeks are tough on parents, who may still be recovering post birth, adjusting to their new life with a baby and tackling the mind boggling amount of gadgets, schedules and safety measures that are expected, on very little sleep.

16 week old baby girl, asleep in a basket prop with wraps - Baby Photoshoot at Fairy Nuff Photography Nottingham

Let’s be real here, having a baby is hard work!

Now before I am publicly lynched by my esteemed colleagues in the world of newborn photography, it is true that ideally newborn photography should take place within the first 14 days post birth, for a number of reasons;

* Babies will tend to sleep more in those first weeks post birth, so those sleepy poses that we all adore can be achieved.

* Babies still retain the muscle memory of being in the womb, so feel very secure being curled up into those beautiful textures and faux furs in a basket/prop, or wrapped in a multitude of fabrics.

Beautiful baby girl in white and pink on white backdrop. Baby Photoshoot at Fairy Nuff Photography Nottingham

* Parents have super adoring and proud parent looks about them… that ultimate glow of being totally besotted by their little beauties.

* And on a practical note, most Dad’s are on paternity leave, so it is far easier to schedule in with the photographer of your choice.

However, for some Mums their post partum recovery does not go so smoothly and they may physically struggle to be part of a photography session. Sometimes babies need a little longer in hospital or further medical care. Sometimes parents are just too exhausted to have the mental capacity to think about anything further than the next feed or nappy change!

Baby celebrating his Father's military service to his country - military themed Baby Photoshoot at Fairy Nuff Photography Nottingham

To me there is no such thing as a baby that is too old… you can still achieve gorgeous images of your child, even if they are older than 14 days. You may have to adjust your expectations, as your baby grows and develops over the weeks post birth, things change dramatically and quickly.

* They will sleep less.

* They will be far more alert and awake.

* They will not want to be curled up, instead they will want to stretch their muscles, kicking their legs and waving their arms.

Baby boy in teddy bear hat! Cute! Baby Photoshoot at Fairy Nuff Photography Nottingham

So it may not be possible to get those sleepy, curled up images… but what you can get are those genuine non windy smiles, those beautiful shots of their wide open eyes, that huge range of expressions as their facial muscles develop and their vision improves.

Babies begin to recognise their parents faces and they light up, they want to interact with Mum and Dad and be held and played with and talked to.… and sometimes, they do sleep… and you can get those delicious newborn poses that we love.

Those to me are moments to be captured and cherished as much as those fabulous, sleepy, curled up images of younger babies.

All curled up, a beautiful baby girl in grey and purple. Baby photoshoot - Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham

So please, do not ever think your baby is too old and do not think that you have missed the opportunity because life got in the way.

Every image I have shown on this blog post is of a baby 5-16 weeks new!

Just send me a message (click here to email me) or click here to go to the Contact Me tab on this site and let’s talk about your baby.

PS – in a perfect world you should be all booked in with the photographer of your choice from the 20 week scan point, but hey, this isn’t a perfect world!

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