My Top Tips For Soothing Your Newborn Baby

January 15, 2019

As a specialist newborn baby photographer it is part of my job to advise my clients on how to prepare for their session and provide guidance on how to achieve the best possible images from their time with me.  This is especially important for my newborn clients, many of whom are first time parents, are sleep deprived and adjusting to life with their beautiful babies!


So these are my top tips for soothing babies, which I use during every newborn session. They come from my experiences as a Mum, the collective experiences of the many parents I meet through my work, my connections with baby specialist businesses such as the wonderful Estelle at MamaBabyBliss and Hannah Lindahl at Little Signers Club











However, please bear in mind that I am not a qualified medical expert and all of these tips are based upon experience with babies who have no medical conditions or concerns... which leads me nicely to Tip 1....


Tip 1



There are so many reasons why your newborn isn't settling.  They may be too warm, too cool, need changing, hungry, need winding or just wanting to be cuddled!


The NHS website has a great check list that goes through all of these common reasons - just click here 


But sometimes your baby is crying because it is in pain or unwell.


TRUST YOUR INSTINCT! No one knows your child better than you, so if you are concerned there are many sources of professional medical guidance - Google is not one of them!


The NHS website has a list of general signs to look out for which may indicate illness - click here


Call your Midwife, Health Visitor, GP or 111


If it is life threatening do not hesitate to call 999


As a Mum to a baby that suffered with colic I got a great deal of support from Cry-sis, who offer lots of information on reasons for and managing baby crying.  They have a helpline so you can talk about your concerns 0845 228669 and you can click here to go to their website. 





Do not ever think you are troubling your health professional or being a paranoid parent.  They are there to help and support you.

Tip 2



It is the cause of the majority of unsettled babies I see.  Sometimes parents are worried about harming their babies when they wind them, sometimes parents don't realise that their baby still has wind, even though they may have already burped!


Things to look out for;


Back Arching

Drawing legs up

Pain coming in waves


Babies may also prefer an upright position rather than lying down if they have wind.


The NHS Start4Life website has some great guidance on winding positions, click here


Sometimes a combination of positions can dislodge stubborn wind e.g. going from 'across the knees' to the 'on the shoulder position' or gently cycling legs.  One of the more bizarre solutions I found with my child was placing him in the 'on the shoulder position' and walking carefully up and down the stairs!  It is worth a try!

Tip 3



Scientists believe the only fear we are born with is the fear of falling.  When babies don't feel secure in their physical location or position they will trigger a 'startle reflex'.  When the startle reflex triggers, a baby's arms and legs will rapidly lift into a starfish type shape and they will generally wake from sleep.  


One of the best ways to calm a baby and help it feel secure is by swaddlin