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Stronger Together! Fairy Nuff Photography and Little Signers Club (North Nottingham) join forces!

Fairy Nuff Photography working with Little Signers Club, North Nottingham

​I am such a massive fan of collaborating and supporting fellow local 'mumpreneaurs' that when Hannah from Little Signers Club (North Nottingham) approached me with an idea to work together I jumped at the chance!

I met Hannah 2 years ago, on my first newborn training course. She came with her beautiful, baby girl to model for us and helped me fall in love with newborn baby photography. Since then her baby has grown up and so have both of our businesses!

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So Hannah told me a little bit about the Little Signers Club and what the classes are about. Based on British Sign Language, you and your child learn how to communicate with each other using hand signals and signs in a fun and relaxed environment. You can bring your baby from 12 weeks old and classes run across Hucknall, Ravenshead, Arnold and Beeston, so there is likely to be a class near you!

I so clearly remember those long, tiring days when my Son was little. Those days when I would try to guess at what he wanted, only for him to scream like a banshee and throw it (or himself) on the floor! I often felt like I had emptied my whole kitchen/toy cupboard/house in general... and still hadn't got what he wanted! So to be able to communicate with your child before they can actually talk is a minor miracle in my eyes! How incredible is that? Not only will it make your life easier and less stressful, as your child can tell you what they want, it will also make the bond between you even stronger, as there is less frustration on both sides!

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You know the other great thing about classes like this? The support and friendships you form with other parents. I remember being so surprised at how lonely being a parent can be. Classes like this were a life line of adult conversation, with others that were experiencing child raising at the same point as me. Dealing with the same situations, worries, and uncertainty as I was. Sometimes it was amazing to just hear...

"Yes, my child is doing that too!"

So come along... join in... help yourself and your child to learn new things and meet new people. Yes, it is daunting at first, but you are not alone!

I will be coming along to Hannah's 1.15pm, St John's Church class in Hucknall on Tuesday 27th June 2017. Photographs will be available to view and select from on the day.

*** As a special offer I am doing 10" x 8" professional prints of your chosen images at £10 per print (50% off my usual list price)! ***

Your selected image will be lightly edited and then sent to my professional print lab and will be available for collection at the following weeks class.

Payment is made on the day (27th June), in cash. Receipts and confirmation of order will be emailed to you.

There is no obligation to be in the photos or to purchase.

We hope to make this a regular event across all of Hannah's classes in Nottingham, so if you aren't at the St John's class don't worry, I will be coming to your class in the coming months! Stay tuned by following the Little Signers Facebook page and the Fairy Nuff Photography Facebook page for more details (click on the links)!

I am also going to be offering a voucher deal for all of Hannah's clients that go on to book a full session with me!

Contact me for more details at fairynuffphotos@yahoo.co.uk or via www.facebook.com/fairynuffphotography

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