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Photography Seasons

If you are passionate about the outdoors like I am you will know all about the seasons of the year! As a dog owner I am out and about in rain, wind, snow and sunshine! If I am not dog walking in all seasons it is likely I am out and about taking your outdoor photographs! Outdoor photography sessions are great for everyone, but are particularly perfect for families with young children. With an outdoor session children have the freedom to run, explore, climb and enjoy themselves - which is exactly the best time to photograph them!

Children love outdoor photography sessions

I also love to photograph maternity sessions outdoors also. The combination of nature and pregnancy is something very powerful and once the nerves are settled makes some of the loveliest pregnancy images.

Summer outdoor maternity session

Like the seasons of the year there are seasons for outdoor photography too! At the moment we are in the Spring flowers seasons, where the greens are peeking through and there are splashes of yellow daffodils everywhere! My current outdoors mini sessions are filled with bobbing headed yellow daffodils and their rich green leaves. Children love them for their colors and being given a lovely bunch of hand picked flowers by your child is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

At the end of April/beginning of May the bluebells bloom! This is one of my absolute favourite outdoor sessions and they are always popular with my clients. There is only a very small window of time for these sessions before the bluebells die off. I have a few carefully selected locations that have carpets of beautiful blues and purples! A beautifully styled child or family photography session makes gorgeous images for your walls. Although, I am always very conscious not to tread on or damage these fragile plants as they are a protected species (https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk › ... › Plants and fungi › Woodland wildflowers).

Bluebell photography sessions

We then roll into the long golden hours of summer. Cornfields, meadows and cool forests of rich greens are favourites of mine. These days are great for those hazy, rich, sunny photographs that will make you feel warm all year round. Towards the end of Summer another of my favourites appears, the poppy. I love doing stylised photography sessions in poppy fields, last year the poppy sessions were my some of my most popular sessions and it is not surprising. The vibrant colors look amazing as prints and acrylic wall art.

Long golden afternoon photography sessions in the poppy fields

Hot on the heels of the poppies is Autumn, which for me is all about the trees. I am fortune to live very close to the mighty Sherwood Forest, which puts on a beautiful display of reds, golds, oranges and browns, making a perfect backdrop for outdoor sessions. This time of year is especially lovely if you have small children as it is prime leaf throwing and tree climbing time! Parents really relax, play and enjoy the time with their children and I can capture all of their family moments for them.

Autumnal photography sessions - perfect for children

When the leaves have all fallen and the skies grow grey our outdoor sessions finish. Until the next year when the first snowdrops push through.

So, which season will you choose for your outdoor photography session?

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