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Between Baby and Cake!

So you survived the hormones and huge changes to your body that comes with pregnancy and after months of waiting finally your beautiful baby is here! Many parents choose to capture those early days with a photography session, especially designed for newborn babies. Those early weeks are often a blur of sleepless nights, heart thumping love for your child and adjusting to the new life you have as parents. To capture those little details forever - the eye lashes, the perfect fingers and toes, the cuddles with Mum and Dad, the sleepy yawns and if we are very lucky a windy smile! The newborn photography session is one of the most emotional sessions I photograph.

Newborn baby photoshoot, Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham baby photographer

Then fast forward a year and baby is back to celebrate their first birthday with a singing, dancing, cuddling, sugar feasting, icing finger painting cake smash! These are without doubt the most fun of all sessions! Everyone gets involved and the babies love the attention and we all love the fabulous cakes, made by either Alison's Bakery or Yum Cakes by Gosia. Beautiful babies... delicious cake... singing... dancing, what more could you want on your birthday?

Superman cake smash, Fairy Nuff Photography.  Child photography Nottingham

But there is a whole year in between those two photography sessions, where your tiny newborn has grown and changed. Where their faces light up when you walk in the room. Where they laugh and giggle and roll and play. Where those perfect fingers and toes are the most amazing playthings ever and to cuddle you is all they want in life.

This in between time can be absolutely magical, and is captured perfectly in a sitter photography session. They are called sitter sessions as they are designed for babies that are old enough to sit unaided, but too young to walk.

7 month old baby photoshoot.  Fairy Nuff Photography, baby photographer Nottingham

Out of all the sessions I photograph the sitter sessions are the sweetest. They are relaxed, warm and all about the child. I love it when Mum and Dad want to be part of the session too and we can recreate some of those parent cuddle shots we took when the baby was a newborn. They look great in sequence on the wall, you really can see the huge leaps of progression your child has taken in just a few short months.

Parent and Baby photoshoot.  Fairy Nuff Photography.  Baby photography Hucknall

Baby photoshoot.  Fairy Nuff Photography.  Baby photographer Nottingham

I keep everything very simple - I want all the focus on your little one and you.

So please don't miss those middle months out.

Don't miss those little first teeth giggles, those hands that reach for you, those chubby legs and that beautiful face that lights up just because they can see you.

These are the days when your baby adores you and you are the world. So let's capture those moments and not ever let them escape... because before you know it your child will be walking and escape will be the order of the day, every day!

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