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Catching my breath post Christmas rush

Wow! From October to December Fairy Nuff Photography was flat out booked up and having to turn clients away as there was not enough hours in the day! I took Christmas Day off with my family and that was the only day off I took over the whole Festive Period.

Firstly... thank you! For all my returning clients who I welcome back with their bumps now babies, their babies now toddlers, their families growing up far too quickly.

Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham Photographer.  Maternity, Newborn and Child Photographer

Thank you to my new clients, who were recommended, or who found my facebook page www.facebook.com/fairynuffphotography or who googled me and took a deep breath and got in contact. I know how nervous it can make you feel trusting someone to capture your family, your love, your memories. So thank you for trusting me to do just that for you.

Fairy Nuff Photography, Hucknall Nottinghamshire Newborn Photography Specialist.  Beautiful newborn baby girl.

But all the beautiful smiles, touches, landscapes and moments I caught and poured my heart and soul into creating for you, my valued client, brought into sharp focus how much of my own family time I was missing out on, at a time which is all about family. I didn't decorate the Christmas Tree.I never took my child on that Christmas steam train I knew he would love. I didn't go to the Christmas Markets or do any of the festive ideas I had thought of. That made me stop and think a little.

There is an amazing American photographer called Candice Zugich, whose work I very much admire. She is a Mother, amazing photographer, artist and a successful business women (http://www.theblissfulmaven.com/). I am lucky enough to be in contact with her via Instagram and I was talking to her about how I feeling about the Christmas period. She said;

"I love what I do, but it doesn't define me. When I look to my future what is most important? There is no such thing as balance in a Mother's life but I try to make sure I put most of my energy toward my family... it's hard being a Mother.

You know what? That really made me stop and think and it reassured me that even those at the top of the photography profession battle with work life balance. You want to give your client the very best you can because their memories deserve that, but it is sometimes at the expense of your own memories.

Please do not mistake my words as being ungrateful. That could not be farther from the truth. I love what I do. I love being able to cuddle your newborn babies, I love making your children laugh, blowing bubbles, hanging out in trees (yes I really do this during my outdoor sessions)! I love running around trying to get that image of your family dog, holding my hands out to steady your toddlers, smashing cakes and throwing leaves. I love capturing your special moments as parents, as partners, as a family. I especially love that you want to give my images to your family and friends as gifts.

Fairy Nuff Photography. Nottingham Family Photographer.  Beautiful outdoor photography sessions for families and children.

But I have learnt a valuable lesson. This Christmas there will be a little more time for my family. I will be more organised and release a set amount of photography days for October, November and December... and once they are gone, they are gone.

Don't worry I will give you all lots of notice so you can book in plenty of time and get the date you want. I wouldn't want to miss capturing your special moments!

PS. Really really really... from the bottom of my heart...