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Mini Sessions... What Are They?

Christmas is prime time for mini photography sessions!

Many photographers offer these types of usually themed photography sessions annually to clients... but what are they?

Why are they different from a normal photography session?

Why do photographers offer them?

Should you, as a client consider them?

Christmas Mini Sessions with Fairy Nuff Photography

Good questions!

So here is the low down on mini sessions!

~ Mini sessions are shorter, concise versions of normal portrait photography sessions.

~ They are normally themed and tied into a popular holiday or event - such as Christmas, Mother's Day or Valentines Day. You can expect locations, props and set ups to reflect the specified theme.

~ The time you have with your photographer will be considerably less than a normal session.

~ Packages are usually more affordable than the full session ones. They will be smaller set packages with less images to choose from.

~ Mini sessions are normally limited to a few dates and not available all year round.

~ The actual photography sessions may have tighter time constraints than a normal session, so if you are late for your mini session you may well have less time for your shoot as the next client will be waiting!

~ Photographers offer them to give you a taster of their work... and because they are great fun!

Should you consider them?

Another great question, it really depends on your expectations and situation.

Don't make the mistake of thinking you will get everything you would in a full session, but at a much cheaper price.. if you do you will be disappointed!

~ These are very specific sessions which target certain times of the year.

~ It will be impossible for a photographer to capture all they would in a 1 hour session within a mini sessions 20 minutes!

~ Many mini sessions are for children only and/or are limited in terms of party numbers.

~ Certain types of photography sessions may be excluded such as newborn sessions.

However, that is not to say that a mini session might be just perfect for you.

~ Mini sessions are ideal if you wanted a few beautiful images to put on cards or as gifts.

~ They may also be useful if you want to see what it is like to work with a photographer before committing to a full photography session.

~ They are great fun!

~ The shorter length session may be perfect for younger children who might struggle in a longer session.

Mini sessions offer a lot of value and a lot of fun! However, they are not designed to replace a photographer's full sessions, which are available all year round. So are they for you?

Come a try one and see!

Fairy Nuff Photography is offering beautiful Christmas themed mini sessions on Saturday 29th October 2016. We have packages to suit all budgets and the images make fabulous Christmas gifts for family and friends. Just one session could take care of your whole Christmas present list!

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And book your session before it is too late!

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