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Baby + Cake = A Beautiful Way to Celebrate A Birthday Photography Session

Commonly known as cake smashes, these photography sessions started in the US and are now becoming equally as popular over here in the UK.

The images of your little one, happily exploring the tastes and textures of a beautifully made cake produces photographs that parents and friends will treasure.

The session usually commences with photographs of your little one before the cake is introduced, observing them as they explore their surroundings and relax with some toys. Then we bring the cake in and the fun really starts! We love to see crumbs round little faces, icing squished in hands and cakes smashed with wooden spoons.

Cake smashes really are the most interactive and energetic of photography sessions as your child explores using all of their senses. The sessions last up to an hour, but we are always led by the child and are mindful of their comfort and well being at all times.

Themes, props, cake and outfits can be tailored to your preferences and part of the Fairy Nuff Photography service is to discuss with you the various options available for your ideas. We can also recommend professional cake makers that can match cake styles and colours to the theme you choose.

During our pre photography session consultation we will also advise you on how to prepare for your child's cake smash photography session, ensuring we get the best images possible.

Recent cake smash sessions have had an angel theme, including stars and clouds and a vintage tea time theme complete with tea cups and roses!

As these sessions can take some time to plan it is always a good idea to book your session well in advance.

Cake smashes are not just limited to small children... dogs have been known to take part in the party and a cake smash variation can be done for adults celebrating too!

The most important thing to remember about cake smash photography is that it is messy, fun and ends with cake for all...

What better way is there to celebrate a Birthday?

Contact Fairy Nuff Photography at fairynuffphotos@yahoo.co.uk

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