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Fairy Nuff puts her posh sparkly wings on!

The 2nd May 2016 was a magical day for Fairy Nuff Photography. It was the day I discovered that I was a finalist for the award of Best Maternity Photographer 2016 at the Newborn Photography Show.

This is a show that is attended by some of the biggest names in the newborn photographic industry and the standard of entries for this competition was fierce. So it was with trembling fingers and a thumping heart that I pushed the send button on my entry for the maternity photography category. Much to my joy I received an email a few days later from one of the show's organisers, award winning photographer Tracy Willis, to say I had been selected as a finalist and my image would be displayed at the Awards Dinner on the 18th May 2016.

Fairy Nuff Photography is confirmed as a finalist for Maternity Photographer of the Year 2016

So after reading the email multiple times ... just to be sure... and silently forgiving Tracy for her typo I did what all ladies do when faced with the prospect of attending a black tie event... I dress shopped!

The night of the awards dinner arrived and suitably dressed up in a posh frock, I went to view all of the finalists images from the three categories (Maternity, Newborn and Child). There is nothing more thrilling to a photographer than to see their work, beautifully printed and mounted and on display for all to see... especially when those viewing it were photographers whose work and talent I very much admire.

The finalist images for Newborn, Maternity and Child Photographer of the Year 2016

All of these images had been judged by a panel comprising of members from the Master Photographers Association and successful award winning photographers from the newborn photography industry. Many entrants are themselves award winning and the images really showcase the amazing talent thriving within the British photographic world.

Fairy Nuff Photography is proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the finest photographic talent in the UK. To be judged as worthy by not only a panel of experts, but also your industry peers is something that I will not forget.

On the night Fairy Nuff Photography was to remain a finalist and not take the title... but you know what? This was Fairy Nuff Photography's first competition entry... imagine what will be achieved by the time the Newborn Photography Show 2017 arrives! Watch this space...

P.S Apologies but all of the above images are camera phone photographs and in no way represent the quality of our professional work. :)

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