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How do you choose the right photographer?

In my humble opinion there are two main types of people out there looking for photographers...

Those that just want to go somewhere and have some photos done. Once the images have been provided they will be looked at a handful of times and then will be left in a drawer, USB stick, computer hardrive... anywhere other than on display. These people have photographs taken because they feel they should or because someone has said, "Oh you must get some photos done of (insert person/event here)". So that is what they have done. No more, no less.

In all probability their main considerations will be convenience and price. They will provide the minimum thought and planning needed to achieve a "few snaps". They will probably not have researched the full cost of this experience and they will probably be disappointed.

Then there is the other type. They will have carefully researched numerous photographers. They will have examined in detail the style of photography. They will have worried about what to wear, how they look, what hairstyle to have, will the children behave? They will ask a lot of questions but not necessarily understand the answers and then worry they are not going to get what they envision. They may well end up with a wall of beautiful photographs to admire, but all the stress and worry will cloud the actual experience.

So, as both a photography client, a Mum and a photographer of babies, children and families here is my advice. Look at what the above examples did and don't do that!

1. Research your photographer. Look at their gallery of work. Do you like their style? Is there a variety of people and poses? Do you like the locations? Are there recommendations on their website and on social media such as Facebook?

2. Make sure you fully understand the photography session and product pricing. There is nothing worse than loving your images and not being able to take them home because they are above your budget.

3. Consider where you will display your images and how. Do you have a particular color scheme in mind or in your home? Your wall art can be designed to compliment the colors you love and already have in your decor. Can your photographer advise you of the options?

4. If you need them to, can your photographer discuss clothing, color combinations, accessories, props and locations for your photography session to ensure you get the most visually pleasing images?

5. Practicalities - where is the photographer located? Is it easy to get to? Is there parking? Do you have to go up many flights of stairs to get to the photography space? These are all things to consider, particularly if you are pregnant or have a baby/small children.

6. How will you view and purchase your images? Do you have to go back to the studio to view? Or are there other options?

7. Can the photographer show you samples of their work and products? Check the quality of the photography, product design and finish to make sure you have an item that you are proud to display.

In my view these next two points are the most important to consider when choosing a photographer.

8. How does your photographer communicate with you? Is it all emails and social media messages? If so how will they understand your ideas, your family dynamics, answer your questions and put your mind at ease? If you have shy children will they meet them before the photography session? Or arrive on the day and start clicking?

I believe meeting clients before hand for a chat about their thoughts and ideas and being able to discuss my own suggestions is vital. Preparing and planning your photography session will make it much more successful. Meeting children before the photography session means that they don't have a complete stranger with a camera in front of their face expecting them to take direction. They will have at least have seen me, heard my voice and even had a look at the camera beforehand to help them feel a little more comfortable, which makes the session go so much more smoothly.

9. And this is the most important point... after considering all of the above do you trust and feel comfortable with your photographer? There is something intimate about taking someones photograph and you need to feel at ease with the person behind the camera and lens. You need to feel confident they hold the same vision as you and will create images that you will love.

So, after considering all of the above... you can choose your photographer.

I wish you sunny smiles, beautiful images and many happy memories!

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