I am proud… and not ashamed to say it!

I am proud of my work and I am not ashamed to say it! By which I mean;

My work ethic, the hours I put in every day without fail.

My constant need to improve my skills, to get better and better.

Polishing and refining my craft, so the images I produce are proudly displayed by my clients.

Listening to my clients, their ideas, their dreams and wishes, spending time with them to get to know them.

My products – when I show my clients what their images look like as wall art their expressions tell me all I need to know.

That each image has a piece of me buried within it.

I am proud of the new Mum sobbing with emotion into her tissues as she watches the slide show of her baby’s images.

Newborn photography by Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham

I am proud of the Father to be’s smile as he sees his vision of how beautiful the Mother of his child is in print

I am proud of the older Sibling hugging the younger one so gently and tenderly.

Sibling love.  Newborn Photography by Fairy Nuff Photography Nottingham

I am proud of the parent crawling around the floor, getting covered in icing and cake and singing nursery rhymes. All to make their baby giggle at their cake smash session.

I am proud to climb trees, throw leaves, race through meadows, play peek a boo, have cuddly toys bounced on my head for laughs…

I am proud to sit in a field of poppies as the sun sets with a lady who has never had a professional photograph taken of her… and show her just how amazing and unique she looks.

Poppy field photograph by Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham

Lastly I am proud to have been a finalist for Maternity Photographer of the Year 2016…

Finalist Display at the Newborn Photography Show 2016

And I am proud that yesterday I received a Highly Commended Award from the National Photographic Society.

Award winning pregnancy photograph by Fairy Nuff Photography

The awards are the icing on the cake… the knowledge that your betters and peers recognise you and your work. That you stand shoulder to shoulder with a select few within the UK.

Why do the awards come last in my list of pride though? Surely they are the public acknowledgement of my work!

They come last because if I didn’t have all the other parts of the puzzle I wouldn’t have the award.

Thank you to my lovely clients, for trusting my sometimes crazy ideas, for letting me wrap them in fabric, for handing me their precious newborn, for listening to my ‘turkey neck’ posing tips, for hugging, for laughing, for being honest and emotional… and for making me want to be better and better for you.

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