Gift Your Mum A Smile…

OK… panic stations, Mothers Day is approaching at breakneck speed (Sunday 31st March for those that are still oblivious). So, many of us are now pondering that annual question, “What do I get my Mum”? or if you are less organised “What do I get my Mum… at the last minute… from a petrol station… that she won’t realise is a last minute petrol station purchase”!

As a Mum myself, I thought I would gather some ideas of things I would really love, hopefully it will inspire some of you to get something that will really make your Mum smile… failing that, it may inspire my Husband to come up with more than a handmade card from our 5 year old (which I always love) and some burnt toast… we live in hope!

ps…. I left the best gift idea to last, so make sure you go to the very bottom of the page to see it!

A Day Off

This is top of my list, as even when Mums are told they are having a day off and can go have some precious free time, all to themselves… it never turns out that way. There is always something that we are needed for, refereeing sibling fights, requests to cook various versions of tea because Daddy doesn’t do it right, tidying up, as you cannot bear the bomb site in the kitchen caused by Daddy and little ones attempting to cook etc etc.

So if you gift a day off… make it a day off!


This makes a great Mothers Day gift! Even though all Mums are already beautiful, we all need a little pampering every now and then. It could be an extravagant weekend stay at a spa hotel, complete with treatments and champagne… or a child’s pocket money friendly, nails painted at the local salon. There are often package deals to be found and many hotels and spas run Mothers Days Specials.

Popular sites for deals are;

Flowers and Chocolates

This is a classic Mothers Day gift and being the old fashioned girl I am, I love this… especially if it comes with a bottle of prosecco as well! Aldi do fabulous prosecco ranging in price from £5.99 to £9.99

* other places do prosecco too… or champagne!

Spick and Span Clean!

I would love to have a team of professional cleaners come to my home and scrub every room from top to bottom and leave my house looking as perfect as Mary Poppins! I am talking crisp, ironed sheets on every bed, skirting boards dusted, kitchen cupboards cleaned, all the crevices in the shower that you just can’t seem to get to properly… you know, all that stuff! All the parts of the house that you never quite have time to do on a regular basis, but you look at frequently, sigh and mentally make a note that you must do that soon…. and promptly forget!

A Night Out

Whether we are working Mums, Mums that work from home or stay at home Mums, one thing I know I crave is a good night out in just adult company. That could be my Husband, my friends or my family, I don’t care… but just one night minus children. Don’t get me wrong I love my child to bits and I love going out with him and having him involved in a great and varied social life… but just once, I want to be able to eat a fancy meal in peace, in my own time, without having to watch Go Jetters, Pokemon or some random rubbish game about planets on my phone. Or have that posh cocktail in that trendy bar that I know I shouldn’t go to, as I am probably old enough to be Mum to the majority of people in there. Or watch a film with a higher rating than U, with popcorn all to myself and no little hands stealing it…

And if this is the present of choice for the Mum in your life…organise it all please. That includes the babysitter!

Perfume and Jewellery

If you have the cash to splash this never fails to impress and put a smile on Mum’s face. All I am going to say about this is;

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


That Marilyn Munroe knew a thing or two!

Home Made and Loved

The other end of the spectrum is home made and loved… Nothing makes me smile more than my child proudly handing me his ‘work of art’ that he made especially for me. This usually includes a handmade card that if you squinted and crossed your eyes you could make out the word ‘Mum’ and ‘love’. Melts my heart right there… especially knowing the agonies my Husband would have had to go through to get that card written (snigger snigger)!

Although I genuinely would love any and all of the suggestions I have made, one thing does strike me when I look through that list… all of it is transient. In that it doesn’t last;

The perfume would be used up

The house would soon look a mess again

The night out would be over way too soon

The pamper treatments could go on all day and never be enough

The chocolate gets eaten, the fizz gets drunk and the flowers will eventually wither

And another Mothers Day is over

Luckily I have saved one final suggestion. One that will last for years to come, requires minimal organising, doesn’t cause you to put on weight or have a hangover and is something that most Mum’s miss out on.

Being The Other Side of The Camera

I look through so many phone pictures that I and my friends have and you know what I see? Beautiful children… Dad’s… Grandparents… pets and occasionally a semi blurred, possibly partial finger over lens selfie with everyone squeezed in. Families with a vital piece missing in the images…


I asked my child if he cared what size I was, if he cared if my hair was perfect or I was wearing lipstick. Nope… his 5 year old mind couldn’t care less. And when I think of it, if I looked at photos of me 5 years ago that I thought I looked hideous in when I saw them back then… I bet I wouldn’t feel those same self critical thoughts I did.

5 years ago I was a shattered, hormonal Mum with a colic ridden newborn baby… I thought I looked like death warmed up at the time. Dark rings under my eyes, messed up hair, bad skin, wrinkled clothes.. Now I look at those photos and see me, a Mum, proudly cuddling my beautiful Son. I see my smile, his hand wrapped around my finger and his gorgeous blue eyes looking up at me. Nothing else… try it yourself, it is a real light bulb moment.

We have such busy lives as Mums, we juggle multiple jobs constantly and we don’t notice how time slips past us. We blink and our babies are walking… then starting school… then graduating… then getting married and starting their own lives. Our memories fade over time and all the details are forgotten.

Outdoor child photography by Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham

So this Mother’s Day let’s get the other side of the camera. Let’s capture those beautiful baby bumps, newborn feet, toddler giggles, running children, hugs, laughs and life and then lets hang those family memories on your walls. So every time you see that image you smile again and again and again for many, many years to come.

Come on, let’s gift a smile this Mothers Day.

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