Digital art is where Fairy Nuff Photography started and in many ways it is still my secret love.  With digital art you can be transformed and transported anywhere. Literally the art is only limited by how far your mind can see.


Fairy Nuff and Baby Banksy are signature pieces.  Something that sets us apart.


The Fairy Nuff photo session is perfect in its simplicity.  It is a quick session, lasting approximately 30 minutes and can be held in your home, or anywhere else you choose!  There is no backdrop to take up space or lots of equipment to worry about.  The sole aim of this photo session is to get a perfect shot of the subject for the piece of digital art.  The artistry comes after the photograph has been taken and that truly is magic!

Before the photo session we will thoroughly discuss with you what style and preferences you have for the final piece, so it will look perfect hanging on your wall for all to admire.

Baby Banksy has a more gritty, urban style to it.  This is for your cool, streetwise dudes and dudettes, who have all the swagger and attitude!  This is a location based photo session, usually lasting approximately 45 minutes, which takes place in carefully selected urban locations. 

Like the Fairy Nuff images, the Baby Banksy magic happens post photography where the images are edited to enhance the colour and contrast of the street environment.  We will carefully discuss with you the location, clothing and props for the photo session, but the attitude, well that you have to bring!



Fairy and friend
Mushroom fairy
Baby Banksy owns this heart
Sleeping in the woods...shhh!
Toadstool fairy
urban leo 2 vs 2
Looking into wonderland
Angel wish on a star
Dreamy forest fairy
It's magic!