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How is Fairy Nuff Photography, different from all the other photographers out there? Why should I choose you as my photographer?

It’s funny, but as a photographer you get to meet a lot of different people who do such an array of jobs… just recently I have had a GP, a vet, an accountant, a deputy head teacher, a lawyer and a prison officer, just to name a few! With all these different roles come different outlooks… different likes… different dislikes… we are all individuals and although our jobs don’t make us, they can color our views and they are part of what makes us an individual. I love that. I love different. I strive to be different… every time. For every client. For every session. Whether I am going to be their maternity photographer, capture their newborn baby’s first images, blow raspberries with their toddlers at a sitter photography session, smash cakes to celebrate little ones Birthday or wander the countryside with them as their family photographer.
Expectant pregnant
How do I achieve different? Well I will let you into a little secret that will blow you away…
First Birthday photography session
Baby and Dad, newborn photography, nottingham
I talk to my clients! And I don’t mean just via email or the telephone. I actually sit down and meet them and if I am lucky, I meet their children too! This is so important, especially if I am to photograph children, as how can a child trust a stranger, when we always tell them not to? How can you trust me to hold your baby or sing to your child if you have never met me? When we meet we talk about all kinds of things… your ideas, because it is YOUR photography session. Your likes and as important, your dislikes – that could be colours, poses, images you have already seen on my website or Facebook page. We talk about your worries and answer your questions. “What if my baby poos during the newborn photography session?” It happens, don’t worry. I have many backdrops and outfits to choose from and everything is washed after each baby regardless of any accidents. “What if my child doesn’t smash the cake?” No problem, we will work together to gently coax your child through play and having fun. “What shall I wear for my outdoor session?” I have some great blogs which gives you tips on what to wear:
What To Wear For A Photoshoot
I Have Nothing To Wear!
Generally speaking you should consider weather and location appropriate clothes, clothes you feel relaxed in, with a nice neutral colour palette. Pinterest has lots of inspiration for clothing choices – this is one I really like for a warm Spring/Summer look https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/393361348700171709/ A lot of parents worry about their children’s behaviour, please don’t! Kids pick up on anxiety and their behaviour changes because of it. Also, I am a Mum of a very energetic, gorgeous, but sometimes grumpy child… I know how you feel! And all you lovely pregnant Mums… I so remember how you feel too! I like to take my time with my sessions, I am not a clock watcher. I find some of my best images have been ideas that I have worked on and modified with my clients during the sessions. I don’t have all the answers and sometimes my clients have great ideas that I can work into the images. I encourage clients to bring sentimental items, I want the images to be personal to you and your family. A christening blanket handed down through the generations to your newborn baby, a necklace that your parents bought you when they heard you were pregnant with their Grandchild… your engagement and wedding rings.
Engagement ring and baby detail image
Every session I do is tailored to you. Your ideas, your colors, your sentimental items, your special outdoor place, your family. I take time to find out the colours in your home, so we can work those colours into your session. That means that your wall art (I do the most beautiful wall art options, you can see them all when you come to the studio) will work perfectly with your decor. I have wall art to suit every taste and budget, whether that is ultra modern and minimalist or rustic and simple. I want you to have these images on your walls and look at them daily. I can do this because I listen to you. I talk through ideas and I show you examples of what I have done before. I love being different. I love meeting you and your families. I love that you take a piece of my work into your home and cherish it.
Framed multi aperture prints, wall art
I love that I am your photographer and I am different from all the rest. So let’s talk and come up with the plans for your session, to make it perfectly, individually tailored to you, your family and your home.

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