A Blissful Partnership

It is funny how some things just happen… I met the wonderful Estelle through my Son’s swimming class. It was only a few months later over coffee and a play date that we discovered that we may be able to work together.

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Estelle is a qualified MamaBabyBliss Therapist for the Nottingham area, whose role is to make Mummies and babies feel fab together! Classes range from pregnancy stretch and relax to Baby Massage, Baby Yoga to Baby Yoga PHD for those older babies!

4 years ago, I was Mum to a (then) very colicky and unhappy baby. My Midwife recommended I try a baby massage class. I honestly didn’t think it would make any difference to my miserable baby boy, but in pure desperation I decided to give it ago.

It is rare for me to admit I am wrong, but I was. It helped in so many ways, from social Mum support, to giving me techniques to help aid sleep and banish that wind. Vital when you are in those lonely 3am hours with a screaming little one. Hands up all Mums that have been there!

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It was lovely to be in a calm and relaxing environment with other Mums and their babies. Where you just got to relax and spend quality time with your little one. And a chance for a cuppa and some conversation with others who are as sleep deprived as you! Comparing stories of baby sick, poonamies and all the highs and lows of those early days of motherhood. It makes you feel so much more normal, knowing everyone else is experiencing the same thing and you are most definitely not alone!

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Estelle is a Mum too… and even though our little ones are no longer newborns we can still understand what you are going through, because we have been there too. I can’t wait to photograph all those bumps, babies and toddlers at Estelle’s classes. My favourite photography sessions are the baby ones, nothing can ever beat cuddling a sleepy baby!

Estelle’s classes can be found in Hucknall, Giltbrook and very exciting news… she is going to be starting pregnancy yoga in Wollaton also! So you are able to enjoy her massages and classes from pregnancy right the way to toddler age (3 years old). Click here for more information on Estelle’s classes and times tables.

I shall be at Estelle’s Giltbrook class on Tuesday 4th July at 1pm and also at the Hucknall Classes on Wednesday 5th July from 9.30am.

*** As a special offer I am doing 10″ x 8″ professional prints of your chosen images at £10 per print (50% off my usual list price)! ***

Your selected image will be lightly edited and then sent to my professional print lab and will be available for collection at the following weeks class.

Payment is made on the day (4th & 5th July), in cash. Receipts and confirmation of order will be emailed to you.

There is no obligation to be in the photos or to purchase.

We hope to make this a regular event across all of Estelle’s classes in Nottingham, so if you aren’t at the Giltbrook or Hucknall class this week don’t worry, I will be coming to your class in the coming months! Stay tuned by following the MamaBabyBliss Facebook page and the Fairy Nuff Photography Facebook page for more details (click on the links)!

I am also going to be offering a voucher deal for all of Estelle’s clients that go on to book a full session with me!

Fairy Nuff Photography voucher for MamaBabyBliss clients

Contact me for more details at deb@fairynuffphotography.co.uk or via www.facebook.com/fairynuffphotography

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