2018… What A Year!

2018! What A Year for Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham

So tomorrow is the last day of 2018. My little photography business in Nottingham has been going for about 3.5 years now. This is the photography business that was never meant to be a business, it grew out of my photographs of my own baby boy. As he grew so did Fairy Nuff Photography until I became Nottingham’s specialist pregnancy, baby, child and family photographer! Part of the reason clients choose me is that I am a Mum too!  I have a lively child, so this gives me an affinity to all those lovely parents who come to me and all their worries about whether a photography session is right for them and their family…
My child in blossoms, child photography specialist by Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham
“I don’t want to miss my child’s important moments, but can’t seem to capture them myself…” “I don’t want my family memories to sit on my phone… and be lost when I accidentally decide to wash my phone along with my clothes…” (Yes, that was me, my phone was very clean after I fished it out of the washing machine, but sadly completely broken)! “What if my child/children don’t behave and throw tantrums…” (I have been through and survived the terrible twos and the ‘threenager’ years, nothing scares me) And the worst worry… “What if we have left it too late…” (It is never too late) Making contact is the first step (just click here to send me a message)! I meet all of my clients and we talk though all of your ideas, worries and questions before each session, so you are fully prepared and reassured. In 2018 I decided to set my little business some goals. I wanted to reach out and partner with other business ‘mumpreneaurs’. I was so lucky to meet and partner with three fabulous Mum’s in business; Hannah Lindahl from Little Signers Club Estelle Johnson from Mama Baby Bliss Leonie Thomas from Yogabellies
Fairy Nuff Photography and Little Signers Nottingham donating food to Hucknall food bank for Christmas.  Charity donation with Hannha Lindahl
This was me and Hannah from Little Signers Club, donating all that lovely food to the Hucknall Food Bank to help over 100 local families enjoy their Christmas! All are strong ladies, who are Mums too and believe in child development and well being as fiercely as I do! I look forward to working more with these wonderful businesses and reaching out to more business Mums on 2019 – Feel free to message me if you are a fellow Mumpreneur! Every year I also commit to improving my photographic craft and skills. It is an itch I can never seem to scratch! A constant need to learn more, improve and be the best I can be for my clients! I have been so lucky to train with some of the best photographers in the UK in 2018.
Gary Hill from Art of the Portrait Photography teaching studio lighting
Gary Hill from Art of the Portrait, a multi award winning master photographer and lighting expert. Lisa McCormick from Lisa McCormick Photography, acknowledged by photographic industry as one of the top outdoor photographers in the UK.
Kelly Brown from Little Pieces Photography, Australia teaching newborn photography
And the cherry on the cake… training with one of the best international newborn photographers Kelly Brown from Little Pieces Photography, who flew over from Australia to teach a one off class in newborn photography! An inspirational Mumpreneaur and incredible newborn photographer. Next year brings more training, focussing on newborns (as I do every year, to ensure I am up to date in safe practices and creative photography) and maternity! Exciting! As I look back on 2018 I am amazed by my wonderful clients. I know every one of them, their families, their stories. I welcomed 25 pregnancy bumps I held and soothed 56 newborn babies I sang and danced with 31 one year olds and smashed a little cake with them! I roamed woods and fields with 45 families and some even brought their 4 legged friends along!
Autumnal scene in a forest in Nottingham, a family with children and a dog enjoying their beautiful Family outdoor photoshoot with Fairy Nuff Photography Nottingham
Pregnant woman in an autumnal scene holding her pregnancy bump.  Outdoor pregnancy photography, Fairy Nuff Photography, Nottingham
1 year old boy with white balloons on a grey backdrop.  Beautiful 1 year Birthday and cake smash photography, Fairy Nuff photography, Nottingham
baby posed in parents hands on a black backdrop, newborn baby photography by fairy Nuff photography, Nottingham
I saw my little business have a huge growth spurt… all because my amazing clients trusted me. Thank you! 2019’s goals are being formulated right now… but the foundations are down for the biggest leap of faith in my business I have ever made. It is a little scary, but it is happening! Stand by for more details in the New Year! I could not have come this far without the trust and support of my Husband and my inspiration for all of this, my Son.

“What if I fall?”

“Oh but my darling, what if you fly?”

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